Cloth Face Masks

Reusable Face Mask

Let's contain the spread of viruses like COVID-19 by wearing a face mask. During these uncertain times, protecting ourselves, our family and those around us is necessary.  We're here to help with our high quality hand-stitched cloth masks. We can together stop the spread of this novel coronavirus within our communities.

Breathable | Washable | Reusable

Our non-medical face mask is made of two layers of cloth fabric with a layer of non-woven polyproplylene in between the cloth fabric (polyproplylene is also found in the N95 mask). The mask also contains a slip pocket to allow for an extra layer of filter, which may enhance effectiveness.

Reusable funky face masks from Canada

Hand-stitched with comfort and protection

The masks are hand-stitched from the highest quality machine washable fabrics. We've carefully selected an organization in Kenya, which strongly believes in empowerment within the Community. When you purchase one of our fun prints of face masks, you're also helping a Community in Kenya.

Face mask is highly recommended while in the public

Whether you're stepping out to grab your dinner take-out or taking a quick trip to the grocery store, wearing a face mask can help reduce the community spread.  While face mask is one of the ways to limit the spread of the coronavirus in communities, it is also suggested to practice social distancing, frequently washing your hands and wearing gloves. Additionally, it is also recommended to avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes after removing your face mask and gloves. We suggest you to regularly review the guidelines set out by the relevant health authorities, including the Government of Canada.

Our mask is a non medical mask. While wearing non-medical mask has not been proven to protect the person wearing it, the mask can help reduce the spread of viruses.

Non-medical mask has its own limitations and need to be used with precaution. Ensure you do not share the mask with anyone else. Carefully wash your hands before and after use. Make sure the mask fits you properly, and avoid touching your face while wearing it.

Reusable washable breathable face mask