About Us

moJJa is a Canadian family small business organization, based in Toronto.

Our ambition is to bring you premium quality comfortable products that are stylish and unique in designs. We currently carry the softest socks and boxer briefs in funky patterns sold individually or on monthly subscription basis.  Our awesome subscription club offers socks, boxer briefs, panties and also combined boxer briefs and socks.

Underwear Subscription Club (Men): Pair of Boxer Briefs & Funky Socks

Subscribe to moJJa’s Undies Club and get an awesome pair of boxer briefs and funky socks delivered to your mailbox, every month.

moJJa's undies club | Underwear of the Month

Underwear Subscription Club (Women): Pair of Undies & Funky Socks to your mailbox

Subscribe to moJJa’s Sock & Underwear Club and get a comfortable and funky pair of undies and fun socks delivered to your mailbox, every month. Panty of the Month | moJJa's Undies Club

Sock Subscription Club: Pair of Funky Socks

Put those boring socks away. Subscribe to moJJa's Sock Club and get stylish, comfortable and funky socks delivered to your mailbox, every month.  Options include Kids (Boys or Girls) and Grown-Ups (Men or Women).

Funky Socks that are comfortable | moJJa's funky socks

Giving back to communities

We strongly believe in giving back to the community. Since our launch, many local charities have been supported through the sales of our funky socks, including Movember, Breast Cancer Foundation, and Sick Kids Foundation, to name a few.  We look forward to continue giving back.

Giving back to charities | moJJa supporting good causes