Socks are the least donated, but most needed items

Socks are the most needed items, but least donated

We're supporting Jordan's mission to collect 15,000 pairs of socks to support those in need.

This holiday season, we have partnered with a member of our local community to collect donations for a Sock Drive, as part of Jordan’s 5th Annual Sock Drive. From now until December 13, we seek your support as we join hands with Jordan to help with those in need of keeping their feet warm.

Through her charitable work, Jordan has collected over 25,000 pairs over the last 4 years.  These socks have helped kept many feet warm throughout the year.  This year, her goal is to collect 15,000 pairs of new socks.  We hope you will join us through contributing to this great cause.

If you’re interested in supporting, below are details on how you can contribute.  Thank you in advance for your support.


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3 ways on how you can help

Jordan Annual Sock Drive helping those in need


Donate for a great cause socks drive
Buy pairs of socks and we'll donate pairs of socks

 Have another way to contribute, send us a message

Purchase the 12 Days of Socks
(12 pairs will be donated)

Thank you for your support