Sock Subscription FAQs

What is a Sock of the Month Club?

Sock of the Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving.  Each month you receive stylish, comfortable and funky socks in the mailbox.  Makes for great gifts too.

Can I subscribe for socks as a gift to a loved one, a friend, next door neighbor or my-ex?

Absolutely!  You have come to the right place.  You can surprise anyone in your life with moJJa’s Sock Club.  All you have to do is specify where and for whom to ship at checkout.

Can I include a special note if sending as a gift?

Yes, of course. Once you’ve subscribed, please send an email to with your personalized message.  We will definitely include this in the first month’s package.

I’m sending as a gift, can I notify the recipient?

Certainly!  Click here to download a personalized gift certificate, which you can email the recipient.

Do I have to sign a subscription contract?

Nope, we are not a wireless company.  You can simply choose to opt for one-time purchase.

If I subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, you may cancel. But we do not know why anyone would want to!  Maybe you've filled up your sock drawer?! Simply email us at to get started.  We will simply pro-rate the fees at the monthly rate of $12.50 and refund you the difference.

What is the composition of the socks?

The composition of the socks will be a blend of cotton, polyester/nylon, spandex and elastic.  Rest assure, the socks are of high quality!

What kind of design can I expect?

You will receive funky patterns such as polka dots, moustaches, animal prints and other fun designs.  Either way, each month, you will be surprised with an awesome sock package.

Do I get to pick my socks? 

Where would the surprise and fun be in that?  We are confident that you will like the socks we send.

What size are available?

Our socks are one size fits all, and would be ideal for men size 7-12 and women 6-11.  We also have options for Kids.

Is there a Kids Option?

Yes!  Click here to get started.  All you have to do is select the gender and age.

How much is shipping?

Shipping and handling to Canada or United States is free for all sock subscription plans and for International countries a flat rate of $4.95 will be added to each month’s subscription plan.

When can I expect the socks?

Our shipment will go out mid-month from our location in Toronto, Ontario.  If the first order is placed before the fifteenth of the month, expect to receive the socks in the same month.  If the first order is placed after the fifteenth, you can either expect to receive later in the same month or early following month.

Is shipping available outside of North America?

At the moment, shipping for moJJa’s Sock Club is only available in Canada, United States and select International Countries (Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom).  We are always looking to expand our club outside of these regions, and when we do, we will let you know.

Can I contact someone with more questions?

Absolutely!  Feel free to drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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