Peace funky crew socks
Peace Socks for Epilepsy Research
Funky socks supporting Katie's Run and Epilepsy research
Fun Crew Socks supporting Epilepsy Research
Peace Sign Socks created in partnership with Katie's Run
Awesome funky crew socks with peace signs
Peace Funky Crew Socks for Epilepsy Research


Peace Funky Crew Socks for Epilepsy Research

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The Story behind the Peace socks: 

These socks were made in collaboration with Katie’s Run and moJJa Socks in loving memory of Katie’s partner and soulmate, Levi VandenBrink, who died tragically August 1st 2018. For each pair of socks sold, 3 dollars will be donated toward Katie's Run for Epilepsy Research Program. 

Levi had an affection for funky and unique socks and was once gifted a year’s subscription of Mojja socks for Christmas from Katie’s family. The peace sign is meaningful because Levi would often hold two fingers up in pictures showing his quirky and goofy self. 

“Designing these socks which help to raise funds for epilepsy research, a cause he so deeply cared for and stood behind, is an attempt to somehow make a difference in the lives of people living with epilepsy and those who are suffering. There is meaning in knowing that we can relate to each other in our sorrows and struggles. My hope is that we are reminded that we are not alone, even in our deepest pains. It’s one small way to say, “We love you Levi. We miss you so dearly. We wish you were here.” Katie Woudstra

 Levi VandenBrink and Katie Woudstra

More Details

  • Funky Crew Socks featuring peace signs.
  • For each pair of peace socks sold, $3 will be donated towards Katie's Run.

Designed in Canada, Made in Korea
85% cotton, 10% polyester, 5% spandex
Men's size 7-12  | Women's Size 6-11

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